The region began with the gradual reconstruction of the manor house in Modra

“The manor house in Modra  is supposed to undergo extensive reconstruction already in autumn and it should become a cultural centre of the whole region within two years. After reconstruction, there will find their place NGOs, winemakers but also revitalized majolica, which is the cultural heritage of Modra and its surroundings. We started with a retaining wall and a staircase that was already threatening a landslide. The most important was good waterproofing, as the slope continues above the wall, Pavol Frešo, the chairman of Bratislava self-governing region presented.

In autumn, Bratislava self-governing region, as the owner of the manor house in Modra – the National Cultural Monument, should start a comprehensive reconstruction. This should be covered by the euro funds of the INTERREG V-A SK-AT Cooperation Program. At first, the existing supporting stone wall was repaired by the Bratislava region from its own resources. It had to be reconstructed due to the erosion of the surrounding slope and the effect of the root system of the already grown trees. So, the wall and the adjacent concrete staircase were reconstructed. Both were in desolate state due to weather conditions. The wall threatened to slide on the wall of the manor house itself.

Since the manor house itself and its surroundings are located in the conservation area, the wall and staircase after reconstruction had to keep the existing shape and individual dimensions. Reconstruction consisted of digging the existing wall to the depth of the new foundation joint and subsequent reinforcement with a new reinforced concrete retaining wall with the quarry stone cladding. The concrete staircase was dismantled entirety. The new staircase is made as a replica of the original staircase. Total costs amounted to € 167,699.76 including VAT.

The seat of Little Carpathian Cultural Centre – the manor house in Modra, is undergoing a gradual reconstruction. After the approval of the euro funds, the Bratislava self-governing region will continue to rebuild the National Cultural Monument to the cultural and creative centre of the region.