Project name: Cultural and creative revival of traditions – Heritage SK-AT

Lead Partner: Bratislava self-governing region


Little Carpathian Cultural Centre in Modra
Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich GmbH
Kulturvernetzung Niederösterreich
Marktgemeinde Jedenspeigen

Strategic Partner

Little Carpathian Museum in Pezinok

Support source: Interreg V-A Slovak Republic – Austria Cooperation Program (85% ERDF), 10% of state contribution and 5% self-financing

Project implementation time: 1.7.2017-30.10.2020

The regions on both sides of the border of the Little Carpathian region and the Weinviertel combine a common history and interconnection of cultural and natural heritage, such as wine and viticulture, astronomy, traditional crops (apples and apricots), folklore and traditional crafts such as. ceramics (majolica). Despite the gradual decline of some traditions, the interconnected natural links of the regions and the declining interest of the young generation in traditional regional crafts, the region has a real potential to revive and develop these traditions creatively. There is still a sufficient group of growers, producers, craftsmen and artists who are willing to pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generations and who at the same time feel the natural need to enrich their experience through cooperation within the region on both sides of the border.

The project aims to exploit the creative potential of the SK-AT cross-border region for the preservation and development of natural and cultural heritage through the creation of an adequate spatial background and subsequent promotion of the work of local authors and producers. At the same time, it will mobilize and engage subjects involved in the development of cultural and natural heritage, joint development of products, services and related educational activities, thereby widening common cross-border offers in the areas of tourism, leisure and culture.

Project activities
Promotion and preservation of traditions and traditional crafts in cross-border territory

Culture and art – Organization of conferences on the topic of cultural heritage and workshops of traditional crafts connected with the presentation of technological processes (e.g. production of ceramics – majolica).

Wine and viticulture – There will be wine-related wine tasting competitions, various accompanying events, such as Jarmok pred 100 rokmi (Fair as it was 100 years ago) with wine, music and dancing; Apple feasting; wine and viticulture exchange exhibitions.

Digitalization – Inventory of cultural landscape / cultural-historical craft collections in Lower Austria and Bratislava Region, their subsequent digitization, documentation, creation of data storage and their accessibility.

Strengthening cross-border cooperation / Networking and transfer of know-how – Mediation of artists for symposiums, exhibitions, concerts and other events. Networking and expansion of cultural data storage. The newly created information point in the cultural and creative centre in Modra will also contribute to the exchange of contact information.

Cross-border Days of Open Ateliers in the SK-AT border area – Organization of the event – Days of Open Ateliers and excursions for Slovak and Austrian artists.

Creation of cultural and creative background in the border area – Adaptation of the manor house and revitalization of the park in Modra for the purpose of building a cultural-creative centre, which will include a digital-documentation centre.

Revitalization of the Jedenspeigen castle – Adaptation of the premises for the extension of the historical exhibition and exhibition on the culture of wine with cross-border overlap (Slovakia / Austria), as well as building of a wine cellar and space for organizing joint events

Main project outputs:

  • Cultural-creative centre in the restored manor house and park in Modra
  • Digital-documentation centre with study room in the manor house in Modra
  • Adapted premises for exhibitions and events in the manor house in Modra
  • Construction of a wine cellar with representative premises at the Jedenspeigen castle
  • Adaptation of the premises for exhibitions and events focusing on wine, history and culture at Jedenspeigen Castle
  • Digitized data stack
  • Cross-border Days of Open Ateliers
  • Expansion of the cultural data stack
  • Linking Austrian and Slovak artists and multipliers of regional culture through joint activities
  • Professional publications on specific regional features of the cultural landscape
  • Video presentation about wine and viticulture
  • Newly created products of tourism (e.g. competitions, exhibitions, cultural events)


After completion of the project, the multifunctional cultural-creative centre in Modra and representative exhibition premises with a wine cellar at the Jedenspeigen castle will continue to be operated. Created background will be a place for self-realization of the target group (professional/non-professional artists, pupils/students, guild members, winemakers, etc.) and for various cultural and educational events (conferences, seminars, workshops, competitions etc.) as well as for visitors from both SK-AT countries and other border regions.  The digitization of specific regional objects in the digital-documentation centre will be ensured by a team of experts, which will contribute to the preservation and access to cultural heritage by modern technologies. Within the premises of the manor house in Modra, a study room will be available for those interested. In the future, it is planned to expand the data stack, not only by the number of individual data, but also by various segments of digitized elements. The long-term sustainability of the project will be supported by processed videos as well as by professional and information-presentation publications.