Digital Neighbourhood seminar

On 13 June 2018, an expert seminar on Digital Neighbourhood was held at the WIKA Chamber of Commerce in Bruck an der Leitha, Austria, on the Interreg ConnReg SK-AT project. The seminar was also attended by experts on digitization in the Heritage SK-AT project – Cultural and Creative Revival of Traditions, PhDr. Agáta Petrakovičová and Mgr. Viera Tarkayová. During the seminar interesting contributions from Slovak and Austrian lecturers were delivered, eg. Digitization of cultural values in museums, Digitization of cultural heritage in Slovakia, Digitization of collections in museums and galleries. These contributions will be an inspiration for the upcoming digitization centre in the manor house in Modra.

The seminar was organized for the needs of the project “Cultural and creative revival of traditions” HERITAGE SK-AT, which is co-financed by the Interreg V-A Cooperation Program of the Slovak Republic and Austria.