Little Carpathian Cultural Centre awaits reconstruction

Within the 1st Interreg V-A Call SK-AT / 2016/02 of the Interreg V-A Slovak Republic – Austria Cooperation Program,  Bratislava self-governing region together with Little Carpathian Cultural Centre in Modra and Austrian partners submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic an application for a non-repayable financial contribution to the project “Cultural and creative revival of traditions”, which also includes the reconstruction of the manor house and garden in Modra. The manor house should become a cultural and creative centre of the region, whose task will be to protect the cultural heritage.

The total budget of the project is EUR 3.6 million and the co-financing of the Bratislava self-governing region is 5%. In the reconstructed manor house winemakers, tourism organizations, majolica and photographers will find their place as well. Our goal is to build a modern cultural and creative centre of the region in Modra, which will increase the awareness of our region’s cultural heritage,” Pavol Frešo, chairman of the Bratislava Region, presented the basic outline of the project.

At their last working meeting in April 2016, deputies of the Bratislava self-governing council unanimously approved the submission of an application for a non-repayable financial contribution for the purpose of implementing the project “Cultural and creative revival of traditions”. The INTERREG VA Slovak Republic – Austria 2014-2020 program ended the first call at the end of February 2017. Project partners of Bratislava self-governing region are Little Carpathian Cultural Centre in Modra, Kulturvernetzung NÖ and Museumsmanagement NÖ from Lower Austria, Austrian municipality Jedenspeigen and Little Carpathian Museum in Pezinok, which is the strategic partner of the project.

The aim of rebuilding the National Cultural Monument of the manor house in Modra, which houses the Little Carpathian Cultural Centre, is not only to provide space for artists, but also to digitize and make accessible the natural and cultural heritage of the border region. Both regions, the Slovak Little Carpathian region and the Austrian Weinviertel are known for their wine-growing tradition, traditional crafts and folklore. However, many parts of regional identity and cultural heritage are lost, so it is essential to protect, document and preserve them for future generations. Reconstruction of the Little Carpathian Cultural Centre will create a background and space specifically for the preservation of cultural heritage and at the same time for cultural and creative events in the region. After the reconstruction, the manor house will be used by amateur and professional artists, educational and cultural workers, art schools, professional associations and guilds, wine producers, general and professional public in the field of monument restoration, architecture, ethnography, oenology, and local and regional authorities.

The total budget of the project, which is redistributed among all partners, is EUR 3.6 million, of which Bratislava self-governing region has a budget allocated to EUR 2.2 million. The mandatory co-financing by Bratislava self-governing region is 5%, ie. EUR 106 265.67. Press release of Bratislava self-governing region