Apple feast 2018

A weekend at the beginning of October has been dedicated for Apple feasting for 10 years. This year it was held in 12 places. This year it was necessary to move the event to a new place due to the ongoing reconstruction of the manor house and garden of the Little Carpathian Cultural Centre in … Continued

Cultural and creative centre of the region

On Saturday, September 8, a small celebration took place in the grounds of the garden of the Little Carpathian Cultural Centre in Modra. The foundation stone of the reconstruction – the ceramic relief of the manor house – was ceremonially laid. The author of the relief is ceramist Ivan Raždík from Pezinok. The reconstruction of … Continued

Reconstruction of the manor house in Modra

On 14 August, an administrative handover of the manor house construction to the contractor, which will carry out its reconstruction, was held in the premises of the manor house of the Little Carpathian Cultural Centre in Modra, The reconstruction itself will take two years, during which the manor house and the adjacent garden will be … Continued

Graffiti workshop in Wiener Neustadt

On the Slovak side, 16 students from 4 secondary schools in Bratislava participated in the workshop (Polygraphic High School, Secondary School of Education, Tokajícka Joint School and Josef Vydra School of Applied Art). The main inspiration for the graphite technique was the patterns and colour of the majolica. Students were professionally led by professional artist … Continued

The Little Carpathian Cultural Centre in Modra, together with the project partner Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich, started another project activity – Digitization of cultural heritage

The newly created digitization centre in Modra as well as the Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich will ensure the processing and archiving. The archive will contain high-quality scans and photographs of handicraft products with an emphasis on ceramic production, colour cards, details of urban and rural architecture, small sacral architecture, technical monuments, digitized maps, documents, historical photographs, embroidery … Continued

Digital Neighbourhood seminar

On 13 June 2018, an expert seminar on Digital Neighbourhood was held at the WIKA Chamber of Commerce in Bruck an der Leitha, Austria, on the Interreg ConnReg SK-AT project. The seminar was also attended by experts on digitization in the Heritage SK-AT project – Cultural and Creative Revival of Traditions, PhDr. Agáta Petrakovičová and … Continued

Festival of Lemberger and Zweigelt

On May 30, the professional part of the tasting of 41 samples of Lemberger and Zweigelt with the participation of Slovak and Austrian tasters took place in the premises of the winery of Miroslav Duda in Modra. The Little Carpathian Clutural Centre in Modra, the Little Carpathian Wine Route and the Jedenspeigen Municipality together with … Continued